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Matt Miller in office
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At the center of our approach and treatments is our respect and care for each individual who comes to us seeking treatment. 

Matt does not believe in a "one size fits all" type of treatment, and treats everyone as a unique individual worthy of respect, love, and happiness, who needs their own unique treatment plan. 
Our Approach
Our Treatments

Our Approach

Embarking on the process to resolve the deep issues of life requires courage to look carefully at the difficulties of what happened and what did not happen.


Abba Psychotherapy Group is designed and dedicated for men to launch their personal expeditions into the wounds of loss of identity as a man that manifests as a life without purpose, lacking a sense of honor, sexual addictions, broken relationships or other afflictions; then develop their masculine virtues to live in integrity and congruence.


At Abba Psychotherapy Group we will walk in a manner that is respectful and will not shame or blame you.

Our Treatments

We offer a variety of treatments that are tailored to individuals and their needs,and what is most effective at addressing their issues to move forward. Some of our frequently used therapy techniques include: 

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