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About Matt

Matt Miller is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor, MEd,     LPC-S, who is based in Houston, Texas, United States. He is the founder of Abba Psychotherapy Group. Matt specializes in the counseling of Men's Issues, Trauma and PTSD, etc. Matt also has experience in handling cases of Addiction, Family Conflict, Anger, and more. Matt is integrated in his therapeutic approach in that he draws from a variety of techniques and methods that he has specific and in depth training from years of practice and experience.

Matt recognized that there are few resources available for men today to address real problems and trauma, in ways that allow them to be men.  Abba Psychotherapy Group was founded as a resource for men and adolescent boys to address issues and problems that are holding them back from happiness, success, and living the life that they desire to have.  

Matt Miller, licensed professional counselor

Specializing in Treatment of Men and Adolescent Boys.

We counsel and treat many types of issues and problems that men face, from childhood trauma, to PTSD, relationship issues, stress, depression, and life management issues. 

Here below are some of the common issues that we help men to face and overcome:


A counter emotional state that keeps an individual exerting a lot of energy but does not result in resolution like a hamster on a wheel.  The causes and intensities are as varied as there are people and experiences. Although very tiring, it does not seem to stop, only adding more fatigue and discomfort.


A counter emotional state that is often confused with excessive sadness.  In reality, depression is where an individual is shut down and not experiencing or processing the real anger and sadness underneath the depressive veneer.  This condition often shows up as disproportionate irritability to life’s situations.


“We are born in relationship. We are wounded in relationship [or the lack thereof], and we are healed in relationship” ~ Harville Hendrix.  Relationships are the cause and cure of every problem in life. At Abba Psychotherapy Group, we endeavor to create a safe environment where difficult aspects can be looked at and resolved in the security of the therapeutic relationship.


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is trauma that has not been resolved and shows up in daily living when triggered by similar stimuli.  The stimulation can be quite subtle and its effects debility in varying degrees.  With appropriate and effective treatment PTSD can be settled.


Nobody goes through life unscarred.  Everyone has incidents of pain, frustration, and loneliness.  Some people have really big incidents, others not so much by comparison.  Neither situation really matters because all events are significant to the ones who suffered them.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Therapy provides for the needs and developmental tasks all young men encounter.  This includes individuation, (growing and embracing a sense of self) taking bigger and more significant risks, and supporting the navigation both the consequences of successes and failures.

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